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Welcome to Authicon!

Authicon is designed to keep your account and other sensitive data safe. The idea behind the iconic password is to make it harder to use a password that's been compromised or guessed. Passwords alone don't offer total protection. Authicon works as a second layer of protection without using another device to login. This saves you the fear of not logging in to your account if you lost your device. No extra device needed.

The team behind Authicon are responsive, reliable professionals with industry experience in handling website security.

We give 24/7 support, free to stop subscription and more fun to do since you get to choose your own set of icons.

How it works?

Authicon works by adding an additional layer of protection by the use of the icon board. Choose the set of icons that are hard to guess but easy for you to remember. It even has a feature that makes shoulder-surfing impossible.

After normally logging in to your account, you're asked for a second piece of information that only you are supposed to know.

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Easy Deployment

Deploying Authicon authentication system is easy and secure. Quickly deploy Authicon and protect your account with ease. Within 30 minutes more secure!


Enhanced Security Level

By using Authicon authentication system, we enhance your website's security level by decreasing the exposure of your website to potential attacks that can occur through the web.

Bypass Keylogging Malware

With the use of icons as password, we add protection from keystroke-stealing malware. Entering iconic password on your icon board provides no detection for keyloggers.

Works Anonymously and Independently

Authicon system works with anonymity and independently, and focuses on privacy and security. Leaks are impossible, and not even malware with root privileges can find out the user's credentials.

Cheaper than 2-Factor (SMS) Authentication

Authicon authentication provides cost effective solution that can allow you to achieve the stronger authentication you need that has little to no per-user costs and also do not use tokens that carry expiration dates.


Daily Support from Second User

As a website administrator you can create a second user to do the website tasks for you. Assign a user and grant certain rights for unblocking user account on daily basis.

Start Using Authicon

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